Corporate Social Responsibility

We are driven by our commitment to taking responsibility for our actions and creating a ripple of positive change in society and the environment.  

Doing Our Bit.

Together, We Are Shaping A Brighter Future.

From volleyball tournaments, fun-filled quizzes, to hot wing challenges, we're always coming up with new and fun ways to raise funds for charity. Every year, our employees choose 3 incredible causes to support while having a ton of fun!

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Giving Back To Our Communities

We actively collaborate with local schools, supporting them in various ways. Our engagement includes assisting students with their LinkedIn profiles, guiding them in shaping their career paths, and offering valuable work experience opportunities. By working closely with schools, we create meaningful partnerships that contribute to the development of future generations and foster a supportive environment for their growth and success.

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We’re rapidly growing and doing amazing things in the world of tech recruitment and are on the lookout for driven and ambitious individuals to join us on our journey in the UK & the US. If you're curious about joining us we'd love to hear from you! 

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