Pioneering New Horizons in Recruitment: Cedric Sellmann's Journey into the World of Rust Technology

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Jana Timm

By Jana Timm

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, staying ahead of the curve is a perpetual challenge. Cedric Sellmann, Understanding Recruitment’s top biller of 2022, leads our specialised Rust recruitment team, a venture into a technology vertical that has been gaining momentum in recent years. In this blog, we sit down with Cedric to explore his motivations, challenges, and the secrets behind his success in setting up his own team in a new market.


What motivated you to venture into a new tech vertical?

Cedric: Well, when I first started at UR, I was part of the FinTech team. That team eventually merged into Java, and from there, we began picking up some random Rust roles. Surprisingly, no one seemed interested in exploring Rust at that time, probably because it was virtually non-existent just four years ago. So, I decided to take the plunge.


How did you identify the specific verticals you wanted to explore?

Cedric: Identifying Rust as a promising vertical wasn't random. At the time, Java was fiercely competitive, both internally and in the broader job market. So, I thought it made sense to try something untested. Another big draw was the considerably higher fees associated with Rust projects. It was a combination of wanting to do something new, facing less competition, and the allure of higher rewards that pulled me into the world of Rust.


What were some of the initial challenges you encountered when setting up these new divisions?

Cedric: Setting up a new division in Rust came with its own set of unique challenges. Rust is a niche and relatively small market. That means we had to proactively find and source roles ourselves, which can be quite demanding. This challenge led me to take a more community-driven approach, from launching The Rust Corner podcast to attending industry meet-ups.


What steps did you take to familiarise yourself with the new tech fields?

Cedric: To make our mark in the Rust community, we needed to stand out. We couldn't rely on standard recruitment practices alone. So, I started going out there, meeting people face to face, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Our approach shifted from just being recruiters to becoming active participants in the Rust community. This content-first approach is now the backbone of our recruitment strategy.


Did you need to acquire new skills or knowledge? How did you go about it?

Cedric: Adapting to the changing market is essential in recruitment. In 2021, it was relatively easy because the job market was booming. But it's entirely different now. We've had to become more meticulous in our candidate selection, be consultative with our clients, and strive for excellence in every way. It's about understanding the nuances of a shifting market and responding accordingly.


How did the company support your transition into new tech verticals?

Cedric: Fortunately, I had already proven myself within the company. This gave me the freedom to operate as I saw fit. Having a strong foundation of recruitment principles is essential, and that's what I brought to the table. As we've grown, more people have ventured into new verticals, and senior colleagues are always there to provide guidance and support.


What advice would you give to other recruitment consultants considering a similar shift into new areas?

Cedric: You have to be up for the challenge. Shifting to a new area is not a guaranteed success. You need to understand the responsibility you have for yourself and your team in making things happen. It's about pushing boundaries and being open to innovation.


Are there specific traits or skills that are particularly important for success?

Cedric: The ideal recruitment consultant in a new vertical should be someone with ideas, creativity, and a deep curiosity about the market. They should be ready for challenges and approach their work as if they were building their own startup. It's about embracing the journey, not just having a "hot desk" to operate on.


What are your future goals and plans for these new verticals?

Cedric: My immediate focus is on watching the team mature and develop. They've faced a tough year, but that's been beneficial in shaping them into better recruiters. As the market hopefully picks up, we'll see more growth and the possibility of our team members taking on more responsibilities and building their own teams.


Do you feel that the company's culture has played a role in your success?

Cedric: Absolutely, the company's culture played a huge role in helping me succeed. Everyone here wants to excel and push their limits. It's not a culture of mediocrity but one that encourages pushing boundaries and delivering excellence. It's an environment where you're challenged, but it's also fun, collaborative, and positive, which is crucial for productive work.



Are you an experienced recruiter with the drive to take your career to the next level? We're on the lookout for passionate individuals who crave autonomy and are ready to embark on a journey similar to Cedric Sellmann's. If you're inspired by the idea of pioneering a new path in recruitment, exploring uncharted territories, and making your mark in the world of Rust technology, we want to hear from you. We're currently expanding our team and have exciting opportunities waiting for those who are eager to push boundaries and redefine what's possible in the world of recruitment. Join us and be a part of the next big success story. Get in touch today and let's explore new frontiers together.


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